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   AC servo actuators
      SHA series (New Smaller SHA20A)
      SHA-CG series
      FHA-C series
      FHA-C Mini series (New absolute encoders)
      RSF Supermini series
      RSF Mini series
      RSF series
      RKF series
   DC servo actuators
      RH Mini series
   Linear Actuators
      LA series
      LAH series
      LBC series
   Direct Drive Motor
      KDU Series
   Laser Scanning Actuators
      LSA Series
   Sensor Systems
      Micro Encoder
   Custom actuators and mechanisms

Servo Drives

      DEP Series
      DDP Series
      DCJ Series
      REL Series
      RTL Series


   Ultra Flat CSD and SHD Series
      CSD Series (Integrated Output Bearing)
      SHD Series (Integrated Output Bearing)
   Compact Close Couple Style Gearhead
      CSG-2UH (New Lightweight)
      CSG-2UK (New High Torque)
      CSF-2UH (New Lightweight)
      CSF-2XH (Mini)
      CSF-1UCC (Mini)
   Quick Connect Gearheads
      CSG-GH (New High Torque)
      HPG (Planetary)
      HPG-RA (Right Angle)
      HPGP (New High Torque Planetary)
      HPN (New Precision Planetary)
   Hollow Shaft Gearheads
      SHG-2UH (New Lightweight)
      SHF-2UH (New Lightweight)
      SHD-2UH-LW (New Lightweight)
      HPF (New Hollow Shaft Planetary)
   Simplicity Units
   Phase Adjust Gearheads
   Gearheads with Input Shafts

Component Sets

   Ultra Flat Gearing Components
   Cup Style Gearing Components
      CSG-2A-GR (High Torque Capacity)
   Hollow Shaft Gearing Components
      SHG-2A-GR (High Torque Capacity)
   Pancake Style Gearing Components
      FD (Differential Gear)
      HDB (1:1 Differential)

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